Advanced encryption and privacy features. Confidently connect with others without compromising your personal information.

Enjoy encrypted messaging and communication channels, ensuring that your conversations remain private and protected.

Take control of your data with our user-centric approach, where you decide how your information is shared and utilized.

Join a vibrant and like-minded community that values privacy and security, fostering meaningful connections in a safe environment.

Benefit from our use of cutting-edge blockchain and web3 technologies, providing a robust and decentralized platform.

We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that you have access to the latest features and functionalities.

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Communicate Securely

Multi Layer Encryption

Public|Private Groups

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Advance Group Management

Non-Custodial Wallet

Multi-Chain Support

Unlimited Accounts

Blockchain Blockchain

EVM Compatible, Seamless transactions.

Sirius Sync blockchain is a robust and secure distributed ledger that forms the foundation of our ecosystem. It is designed to provide a decentralized infrastructure for various applications and services, ensuring transparency, immutability, and reliability.

Social Media Social Media

Content Ownership. User Friendly.

The decentralized social platform built-in the Sirius Sync ecosystem offers a user-friendly interface that resembles familiar social media platforms. It allows users to create profiles, connect with friends, follow accounts of interest, and explore a wide range of content.

Social Media
Messenger Messenger

Surveillance Protected Communication.

Our Multi-Layer encrypted messenger is a feature-rich messaging application built on the Sirius Sync platform. It combines user-friendly interface design with robust security measures to deliver a seamless and secure messaging experience.

Wallet Wallet

Manage Assets Easily Across Chains.

Unlike custodial wallets, which rely on third-party services to hold and control users funds, our non-custodial wallet puts users in full control of their assets and private keys offering users to securely store, manage, and transact with their digital assets.

Drive Drive

File Storage System.

The distributed drive tool enables users to store their files in a distributed manner, eliminating the need for traditional centralized servers. Files are distributed across a network of nodes, ensuring redundancy and fault tolerance. This approach offers several benefits like Redundancy, Scalability and Ownership.

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Engagement Rewards

Engage, Earn, Repeat.

Turn your engagement into a rewarding experience. Connect, explore and get rewarded for your engagement. Sirius Sync is not just any social platform, it's where every interaction counts.

SRS Coin

A coin with purpose

At the heart of Sirius Sync is our native digital asset SRS, which serves as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem offering wide range of functionalities such as secure transactions, rewards, governance, and access to premium features.


Experience the power of Web3 Social Ecosystem.

Decentralized Privacy | User-centric Platform | Web3 Integration | Enhanced Security


Sirius Sync believes in giving users full ownership and control over their data. We do not collect unnecessary personal information, and you have the ability to manage and delete your data as desired.

Yes, you can trust the security of your personal information on Sirius Sync. We employ advanced encryption protocols and strict access controls to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Absolutely. Sirius Sync implements Multi-Layer end-to-end encryption for all messages and conversations, ensuring that only the intended recipients can access and read your communications.

Yes, Sirius Sync is designed to be compatible with various devices and platforms. You can seamlessly use our platform on your desktop, mobile devices, and web browsers, ensuring a consistent and convenient user experience.